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Longsight church member treats Ebola patients in West Africa

“The moral imperative to try and help people less fortunate than us isn’t something I really question, it’s kind of a given. For me, the question is how do I do that effectively in the situation that I find myself in?”

Matt Jackson’s situation is a doctor finishing his training in anesthesia and intensive care in Manchester, UK. An attender at Longsight Church of the Nazarene for the past six years, Jackson recently returned from seven weeks assisting in a clinical trial for new Ebola treatment drugs in West Africa, working with patients who have contracted the virus and helping to train local nurses and doctors to participate in the trial.

Read more about Matt's work in Gina Grate Pottenger's aticle printed in the Engage Magazine - the gobal mission magazine of the Church of Nazarene.



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