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About our Church

Welcome to Longsight, Community Church of the Nazarene

Longsight, Community Church of the Nazarene is about a community of people who share a common hope – that we will follow Jesus and live our everyday, ordinary lives in the light of the resurrection, here and now.  We are hopeful for the present and future transformation of our lives and the communities we live in.
No matter who you are or where you’re from, no matter where you’ve been, you are welcome to discover with us how to follow Jesus as part of our community.


The Story of the Community Church of the Nazarene, Longsight

Originally Star Hall Mission…

The Longsight church began in Ancoats as a ‘mission hall’ in 1889, by Manchester businessman Francis Crossley – founder of Crossley Works¹ – to meet the spiritual needs of his own workers. He purchased a dance hall, Star Hall, ultimately building his own facilities These included a place of worship which saw a multitude of the leading ‘holiness’² preachers of the day, as well as Ancoats Hospital, providing health care for that blighted area of the city. After his death in 1896 his daughter and a Miss Hatch took leadership of the ministry, which came to include a ‘Bible Institute’ that trained church leaders who were sent around the world.³


Our Values

The Values area of this site outlines more about who we are and want to be, what we believe and how we try to live our lives.

  • Core Values
  • Our Passions
  • Visual Art Statement
  • Eco Statement
  • Social Justice
  • Church Membership



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