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Welcome to Longsight, Community Church of the Nazarene

Longsight, Community Church of the Nazarene is about a community of people who share a common hope – that we will follow Jesus and live our everyday, ordinary lives in the light of the resurrection, here and now.  We are hopeful for the present and future transformation of our lives and the communities we live in.
No matter who you are or where you’re from, no matter where you’ve been, you are welcome to discover with us how to follow Jesus as part of our community.

When we gather in worship, we come together in gratitude to God, we come to learn how to live, to share and carry each other’s burdens and pain, to discuss, think and question, to celebrate together.  As we love each other, and work out what it means to be a community of God’s people, we discover that we are transformed – and our hope for love becomes more and more our reality.

Our gathering sends us forward – we believe that we are sent into the world, led by God’s spirit – we care passionately about loving others, creatively living, fighting injustices, helping those who suffer.  We believe that Jesus calls us, his Church, to be agents of good, of love, of sacrifice for others, of joining in God’s mission to transform the world.  We believe that God invites us to be so hope-full, joy-full, radical and imaginative in our daily lives that we bring God’s light wherever we live out our ordinary lives.  We believe that God longs for all people to share in this hope.


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