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Ancient Future


When: Every Sunday 10:45am

Where: At church


Our Ancient-future service is a gathering of the community at 10.45 on a Sunday.  It is a unique blend of people from around the world who are gathering together to worship God, learn to be more like Jesus, and who are then sent out into the mission of God  - usually with cake!

In an ancient-future service we come together in God’s name, we share God’s peace, we proclaim the Word of God, we pray with the church, we offer thanks, we share in communion and we go in God’s strength. All of these are ancient practices of the church, but we also try and think creatively, and engage our imaginations about how we can be God’s people in the present and the future.

Our Ancient-Future service seeks to reflect who God is – all people, of all races, of all ages, of all sorts are welcome to come and join us.

Our Ancient-Future service is complemented by small-groups, places where you can join with a smaller group of people (usually four-fifteen) who are learning together to follow and become more like Jesus. Each small group shares our ethos, but they are all completely different from one another...  They are great places to belong, connect and engage in community action.


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