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Core Values

1. We are a Christian People

  • We join with all believers in proclaiming the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
  • We seek to live life in reconciliation with God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • We embrace the historical creedal statements of Christian Faith and  We are members of the one holy and catholic church.


2. We are a Holiness People

  • God calls us to a life of Holiness and by his Holy Spirit helps us to be holy.
  • Being holy means loving God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and our neighbours as ourselves, this produces in us the character of Christ.
  • We believe that holiness begins and continues in many ways in the life of believers, sometimes in an immediate experience of conversion and sometimes over time but the character of the believer is changed and renewed.


3. We are a Missional People

  • We believe that we join with God’s mission for the world – God in his love longs to renew the face of the earth – all things and all peoples .
  • Our mission begins in Worship, we care for the world in compassion and evangelism, and we encourage believers through discipleship, preparing women and men for God’s service wherever they live, work and act.


4. We are Wesleyan by tradition

  • The Scriptures are vital, and we interpret Scripture through the lens of Tradition, Reason and Experience.
  • We believe God’s grace is at work in the whole world.
  • We believe in repentance – being sorry and turning our lives around; the new birth – giving your life to God;  in faith  - committing to Jesus who gave his life for us.  We believe you can know that you are forgiven.
  • We believe in the Christian community: loving one another and meeting together in confession, communion, worship, lament and celebration, retelling the story.
  • We believe in the spiritual disciplines:

Inward: prayer, fasting, contemplation, meditation, study.
Outward: simplicity, solitude, submission, service.

  • We believe in Social Justice.


5. We are Arminian by tradition

  • We believe that Jesus’ atonement is for ALL People, and that people have a free choice about whether to chose to follow God or not.



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