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Issues of Peace and Social Justice


In our community of faith we understand the good news of Jesus Christ as touching every area of life, both individually and communally. We believe that issues of Peace and Social Justice are central to the gospel and that Jesus’ teaching on these issues remains relevant to the world we live in today.

Therefore we aim to fully engage with issues of peace and justice both locally and on an international basis wherever possible. The diverse nature of our community demonstrates our belief that God’s love is not reserved for certain privileged groups but is the same for all regardless of gender, ethnicity, or social background. We have a number of ongoing works within the local community through the Crossroads initiative and work with asylum seekers and homeless people on a regular basis. Every year we join with other groups for the Peace Week events held across Manchester to support the ongoing campaigns against violence in the city. Internationally we support Nazarene Compassionate Ministries who work in many countries to alleviate poverty, suffering, and the effects of injustice.

There is much we could improve in and much more we could do in terms of campaigning and action and it is hoped that we will increase and improve our attempts to engage with the many issues we are aware of. In the long term it is hoped that an awareness of issues of peace and social justice will become part of everything we are involved in as a church.


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