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Recommended resources from our church members. Suggestions welcome.


A brief guide to silent prayer

The intention of silent prayer is to meet God, to become aware of the presence of God that is always with us. It is silent in the sense that no sound is made, but it is silent in the deeper sense of attempting to refuse all mental images. Silent prayer is imageless prayer. Silent prayer refuses images of God because any image of God inevitably falls short of the reality of God and so is in some sense an idol. Silent prayer is anti-idolatrous prayer. It is a form of prayer that balances the more positive, or content-filled prayers, usually made in church or alone. Neither verbal prayer not silent prayer are intended to be used alone.

Christian Enquiry Agency

Jane Graystone writes 'Andrew's brother, Peter Graystone, is the new director of the Christian Enquiry Agency, which has a great new website.'

Spiritual Reading

'An Altar in the World' by Barbara Brown Taylor - a book relating to spiritual disciplines.

'Amazing Grace' by Kathleen Norris.

'The Return of the Prodigal Son' by Henri Nouwen - an extended meditation on the bible story of the prodigal son.



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