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Growing up in Yorkshire, I’ve owned a flat cap but no whippet, but have emerged relatively normal (except for being very frugal and a closet Leeds fan). Life has afforded me the opportunity to live, learn and train for ministry with Youth for Christ, in America with the Church of the Nazarene, as well as here in sunny Manchester. I currently lead the Longsight Pastoral Team, and minster by serving the church and community alongside a highly gifted and passionate team of God-loving and gracious ministers. I'm involved in a whole heap of wonderful ministries, compassionate projects and transformational-discipleship with lots and lots of great people.

Some personal stuff: If I could be anywhere – I’d be with my family (my wonderful wife and children, perhaps somewhere warm ...) If I could do anything, it would involve something active (snowboarding, walking?), and take place outdoors. If I could be playing anything, it would probably be my guitar or football or hockey. If I could be watching something, it would some good TV drama, live football, or listening to some live music.

I'm a life-long learner, and currently I'm researching/writing on Practical Theology and Children's Spiritual Formation. And finally, I lead a double life: as well as being a member of the Longsight Pastoral
Team I'm a chaplain and teacher of Maths and RE in a local CE secondary school (which has allowed me to visit Taizé and work for the Diocese of Manchester Board of Education).

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