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Word and Table


When: Various Sundays at 9.00am, see Bulletin for details.

Where: At church


Our Word and Table service meets various Sundays at 9am. A smaller group of usually less than 20 people, this service consists of liturgical worship, much like the services found in the Church of England's /Common Worship/ material.

In this service, everything is written out and printed in a booklet, which each participant uses. There is a rotation of two leaders for each service who organise and administer the liturgy for the day. This service follows the Revised Common Lectionary Readings, along with the Christian Calendar, utilising the liturgical colours, symbols (candles, linens, placement of furniture, etc.), and focuses upon the different seasons of the Christian year. Each service lasts approximately 50minutes, consisting of prayers, readings from the Bible, songs and hymns, responsive readings, and the Eucharist, or Holy Communion.

Participation is a major distinctive of this service. Everyone has a role, even if it is just reading aloud with the rest of the people gathered. Because of its smaller size, this service can be very intimate. For example, the participants in this service sit facing each other.

It is one of our hopes that those who participate in this service sense a connection to our early Christian tradition, as we make an effort to bring the first few centuries of Christian worship to the present.

Everyone is welcome to join and participate in this particular expression of worship to God.


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